Third in age, first in recycling

“Third in age, first to recycle” is an initiative designed by Ecoembes and aimed specifically at the elderly, an essential group for making progress in recycling. Today there are 8.8 million people over 65 years of age in Spain, with a projection of exponential growth. In addition, the elderly have been applying domestic ecology all their lives out of pure historical inertia: accustomed to an economy of scarcity, they save on resources, consume wisely and reuse as much as possible. Their active participation is essential on the sustainability map.
The objective of the program is twofold:
1. Connect with them, bring them closer to recycling from their needs, interests and aspirations, empowering them and making them feel essential in the common challenge of caring for the environment through recycling.
2. To achieve more and better recycling among the elderly and their immediate environment. Our elders are transmitters of knowledge to their relatives, friends, grandchildren, etc., based on their experience and culture.

On June 15, they visited our center to give training to the workers and to carry out a recreational activity on recycling with users and residents. This type of activity promotes social, psychomotor and learning skills.

Terceros en edad, primeros en reciclar