Memory Workshop

During March, we had the visit of students from the School of Occupational Therapy of the University of A Coruña, who participated in the activities developed in La Milagrosa.One of these activities is the Memory Workshop for UDP members, developed on Tuesday afternoons and aimed at UDP members whose objective…

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UDP Conference 2024

Conferencia UDP Coruña 2024

The Provincial Association of Pensioners and Retirees (UDP-A Coruña) launched a new cycle of conferences 2024, which began last Wednesday, January 24 at 6:00 p.m. at the facilities of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Galicia located in Durán Loriga, 12-2º.The cycle was inaugurated by podiatrist Navor Pereira with the…

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Magosto special

Especial Magosto

During the last week of October and the first week of November, the Samaín and Magosto celebrations were the protagonists of the group activities organized by the different departments, since these types of activities invite us to learn and remember traditions of Galician culture and to value the importance of…

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La Milagrosa is renewed

During this year, several maintenance tasks, improvement works and new equipment for the center have been carried out, such as changing the pavement of the garden and the corridor on the ground floor, enlarging the physiotherapy room and acquiring new bicycles, building an outdoor hut for the Day Center garden…

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UDP-A Coruña conference

Conferencia José C. Millán Calenti

Programmed within the Cycle of conferences 2023 of the Provincial Association of Pensioners and Retired of A Coruña (UDP-A Coruña), on Wednesday 21 June at 18:00 hours, in the Royal Academy of Medicine of Galicia, Professor José Carlos Millán Calenti has given the conference: “Aging and frailty: Can we prevent…

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UDP Conference

Conferencia UDP

On May 25, the psychologist Jessy Viqueira and the occupational therapist Lucía Fernández, both professionals from the Galician Rheumatology League, gave the conference “Prevention, information and pain management in rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases”, scheduled in the 2023 Conference Cycle of the Provincial Association of Pensioners and Retirees of A Coruña-UDP….

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Immersive musical experience


Our users have been able to enjoy a classical music concert thanks to virtual reality glasses. This experience combines the real image filmed in 360º with the sound of the orchestra, allowing our seniors to enjoy an immersive audiovisual journey and the multiple benefits of music therapy.

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Wii therapy

Wii terapia

We have incorporated Wii-therapy into our therapeutic interventions. Through the use of the video console, in individual or group sessions, the elderly person obtains multiple benefits at a physical, cognitive and social level. In the sessions developed, the users have been able to participate in different sports activities.

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Museum of Fine Arts

Museo de Bellas Artes (A Coruña)

The Museum of Fine Arts of A Coruña moves to our residence thanks to new technologies. Using virtual reality goggles, our users were able to enjoy a guided tour of the different rooms of the museum (some of which are inaccessible to visitors on foot) and even access the gallery…

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