José Carlos Millán Calenti

José C. Millán Calenti


Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics and Gerontology).
Extraordinary Doctoral Award, Diploma in Consumer Affairs and Master’s Degree in Management of Gerontological Centers and in Clinical and Social Gerontology.
Director of the Research Group in Gerontology and Geriatrics of the University of A Coruña and the Interuniversity Master’s Degree in Gerontology.
Recognized three six-year research activity (CNEAI), five quinquennium of teaching activity, two positive evaluation periods “Docentia” and eight periods of research and teaching excellence (ACSUG).
He has directed 22 doctoral theses, as well as numerous final end of master works. Author of more than 100 scientific articles, 60 of them indexed in the Web of Science (JCR) and 77 books and book chapters (including 26 complete books) published by national or international publishers with ISBN.

Principal investigator in 48 competitive concurrence projects, highlighting 6 from the European Union and 1 from AECID. He participated in 17 National and 19 International Conferences, presenting more than 300 works, being 30 by invitation.


Mónica Montero EnjamioMónica Montero Enjamio
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María Sonaly Condoni EscobarMaría Sonaly Condori Escobar

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